I have my Linksys WRT-1900AC router and it is slowing down my internet connection speed. I found out this incident when I made a test comparison by manually dialing PPOE from my laptop and speed test connection directly in the router. I suppose to get 100 mbps but the actual test from router is 14mbps download and 25mbps upload. Please advise

I have to say this has been a great test for me. I am really happy about the way the Linksys WIFI Router has performed. I posted some speed test photos on here to show you the difference from my WIFI router that came with my service to the new Linksys MR9000. What an improvement it has made. AC5000 MU-MIMO GIGABIT ROUTER - Linksys Jul 01, 2016 Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500 - Page 5 - StarHub

Try different locations, too, as speed may vary based on the distance you are from your router. Lastly, always run tests at different times of day to account for fluctuations; Internet rush hour is real—Wi-Fi typically runs more slowly between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m.

How To Test If Your ISP Is Throttling Your Internet Speed Jan 30, 2019

The Linksys MR9600 is a super powerful Dual-Band WiFi 6 router perfect for those who want true gigabit speeds, more range, and pure gaming power throughout their entire home. Powered by Linksys Intelligent Mesh™ technology and 6 Gbps of speed, it’s 4x faster than WiFi 5 routers, eliminates dead zones, and isolates your network to eliminate

Linksys - WRT32X AC3200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router with Simple Speed Test ----- So, you can name the 2.4 Ghz seperately or give it the same name so it connects automatically to either 2.4 or 5 Ghz. i was able to get very good speeds in my house. i have a 3000 sqft house and i was using an Asus RT-66U router at home and i would get very low speed in the room furthest from the router. My Cisco Linksys E4200 DD-WRT Settings for Max Speed Jan 10, 2013