Kwampirs is a backdoor Trojan that provides attackers with remote access to a compromised computer. It’s concerning, but not altogether surprising, that according to the FBI, the Kwampirs malware is being used against supply chain software companies.

FBI Moneypak is a ransomware on Microsoft Windows much like Cryptolocker. It is part of the Reveton family. Moneypak is very similar to a credit card, however, it has a pre-loaded amount of money that the user can use to buy things and purchase online. FBI warns of increased hacking risk if using mobile Jun 10, 2020 FBI arrests WannaCry’s ‘accidental hero’ in connection FBI arrests WannaCry’s ‘accidental hero’ in connection with Kronos banking trojan. #PlotTwist. FBI says it has been investigating case for two years. Graham Cluley ∙ @gcluley. 12:01 am, August 4, 2017 .

The FBI expects cyber actors to attempt to exploit new mobile banking customers using a variety of techniques, including app-based banking trojans and fake banking apps. App-Based Banking Trojans. The FBI advises the public to be cautious when downloading apps on smartphones and tablets, as some could be concealing malicious intent.

Impressed by FBI trojan, Germans write their own—and Oct 14, 2011

FBI warns about ongoing attacks against software supply

Please contact your local FBI office to submit a tip or report a crime. Use our online form to file electronically or call the appropriate toll-free number. Fbi Virus. 11 versions listed. Removal guide included