Download Intel® Network Adapter Driver for Windows 8.1*

How to check internet connection availability in Windows 8,C# development ? I looked at MSDN but page has been deleted. How to Speed Up Your Internet in Windows 10 and 8 (8.1 Modern Windows, including Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, are designed to reserve a portion of connection bandwidth for the use of some live applications. By default, it reserves 20 percent of the total bandwidth. You can disable this policy and witness gain in the speed of your internet connection. Open Run box via pressing Windows key + R How to Connect a Windows 8 PC to WiFi - Move the mouse to the bottom or top right corner of the screen and click on Settings.; Click on the Network icon.; Click on the network you wish to connect to. Choose if you wish to automatically connect to the network then click on Connect.; Enter your Security Key (Wi-Fi Password) and then click on Next.; Choose if you want to find other devices on your network. How to Change The Connection Priority in Windows 8.1

Dec 11, 2012

How to share Wi-Fi in Windows 8 with Internet connection

Fix Windows 10 Frequently Disconnect Internet Connection

Windows 8 constantly searches for a working Internet connection. If it finds one that you’ve used previously, you’re set: Windows passes the news along to Internet Explorer, and you’re ready to visit the web. When you’re traveling, however, the wireless networks around you will often be new, so you’ll have to authorize these new connections. how to fix limited wifi connection on windows 8 - YouTube Nov 14, 2015 How to Connect to WiFi on Windows 8: 10 Steps (with Pictures)