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Apr 26, 2019 How to Hide your IP Address: What are the Reasons to Do So No matter how secure your internet connection is, sometimes you might want to get more protection. The best way to make sure you are not vulnerable to cyber attacks is to disguise your actual data. So let’s find out how to hide your IP address and why would you want to do it. How To Hide Your IP Address In Windows 10 Yes, there are several ways to hide your IP address- proxy server, using TOR and VPN. We will discuss the most effective way of all, which is VPN services . The reason being the proxy server and Tor slows down the connection, and it is not as reliable as VPN. How to Hide an IP Address Through a Router | Your Business An IP address is like a signature which is used to identify your computer, as well as your location. It is sometimes used to track you as you browse certain websites. If you don't like the idea of being tracked, hide your IP address through your router by obtaining a new address whenever you need one.

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