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Jun 24, 2014 How to Use a Guitar Buffer Pedal - Effectrode Even a volume pedal fitted with a relatively high resistance potentiometer of 1MΩ can diminish the sparkle and clarity of a Fender ‘Tele’ or ‘Strat’ as the single pickup in the guitar is ‘seeing’ the load resistance of the volume pedal and the amplifier’s input stage in parallel. The cure for this is to place a buffer between the Amazon®.com: Customer reviews: JHS Buffered Splitter Guitar

Mar 20, 2012 · And, the next active pedal downwind will be seeing a nice, low impedance at its input. But, if it's ever off and the TC is the first buffer the guitar pickups see, that's probably a good thing. It might also help if you have a long run between the pedal board and amp, but this won't be as noticeable as the first buffer in line.