After all the actions, your Android phone or tablet will reboot and you will receive the device in the form it was when you first started it. How to make HTC Hard Reset through settings. 1. Go to Android settings. 2. Open the "Restore and reset" item. Remember to back up. 3. Select "Reset Settings." 4. Then click “Reset Phone (Tablet PC)”. 5.

How to reset Android phone by using PC Software - Hard Reset above two software all so can these things.. go to recover. go to fastboot. go to download mode. reboot your device. software infor, hardware infor, Check device. If this post helped you then please share this post on social networks facebook and twitter and bookmark us on your browser. How to Restore Android after Factory Reset [2019 Update] Oct 20, 2017 How to Hard Reset Android Phone Using PC Software Select the Android phone that you want to hard reset. When you see the options available, choose and click " Erase data ". Step 3. Choose " Factory data reset " and then click " ERASE ". How to Wipe Your Android Phone or Tablet Properly

How to Factory Reset your Android Phone

Apr 22, 2019 · Hard Reset Method – 5 First, Switch off your mobile, by holding the power button. After that, hold down the Volume Up + Power Button (Volume Down + Power Button). When you see the download mode screen, release all the buttons. Dec 17, 2018 · Overview: Whether you want to reprogram an Android phone or you want to reformat/reset your Android phone with or without using PC/laptop, this guide is for you. This guide is divided into two parts – first part offer how to reprogram Android phone and second part provide solutions to reformat/reset Android phone. Aug 29, 2017 · Power off your Android phone first. Step 2. Press and hold the Volume Up button and the power button for 1o seconds and your phoen will boot into recovery mode. Note: For Samsung phone, it will be a little complicated.

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Mar 14, 2017 How to Hard Reset an Android Phone - CPU Report How to prepare your Android phone for a hard reset To perform an alternate reset you would most likely need to turn off the phone, press a combination of keys, access a recovery/testing screen, choose reset and then the phone would turn off and then on by itself. The time to complete the process depends on the type of device, but it normally